Cama-i 2020 Postponed

The Cama’i Dance Festival in Bethel has been postponed until Fall 2020 out of concerns over the coronavirus. Dance groups from across the region, the state, and the lower 48 gather every year in Bethel to share dance, culture, tradition, and community.

Linda Curda is the coordinator for the festival. She said that the decision came to protect the health of Elders, and because spring break is in full swing for many schools with teachers and families who are traveling. Many of them would return the weekend of the festival, and Curda didn’t want to place anyone in jeopardy should someone be carrying the virus.

Aerial Dancer – Crystal Kaakee’ya Worl

I have performed aerial dance for community events and gatherings in Alaska and Santa Fe, New Mexico. When I have access to a studio I will train 3-4 hours per day, six days a week. In Alaska, it’s a challenge to train because there are no aerial studios or circus communities in Juneau or Anchorage yet. My goal is to change that. Every few months I travel to San Francisco, Seattle, or Santa Fe to train in the circus arts for professionals.
Growing up in Fairbanks, I studied ballet, dance, and theater. I always loved to see circus performers on television. I didn’t believe that I would be capable or able to do aerials in Alaska. I use to image that I would be an aerial dancer in my next life!
After I completed college, I spent the next year studying aerial silks and immediately fell in love with it.
As an aerialist, dancer, storyteller, and artist, I use my hands to create lines and form. I am constantly searching for the links between my aerial dance and my art. When climbing the silks I practice various types of wraps and drops that have parallels to weaving. The silks are the warp and my body is the weft, when intertwined my body and the silks create a weaving that unravels. — Crystal Kaakee’yaa Worl

Miss Cama-i 2015 – Mary Kernak!

Congratulations to Miss Mary Kernak, from Napakiak! This year’s 2015 Miss Cama-i!

Congratulations as well to all of the contestants, Amanda Hoeldt, Tiana Williams, Kelsie Sara, Deanna Jimmie, and Kayla White. All of the ladies did a wonderful job representing the YK Delta!

Thank you to the Cama-i Committee and our sponsors, Alaska Technologies, Bethel Family Clinic, VFW Post 10041, Bethel Alaska PC, Drew’s Foundation, Yuut Elitnaurviat, and Malone Insurance Company.

Special thanks to Kelsey Wallace, Megan Leary, and Miss Cama-i 2014, Alessa Poe!