2018 Cama-i Schedule

Cama-i Dance Festival 2018

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“Cauyat Tupagtelarait Nauviput ~ Drums Awaken Our Roots”

Schedule of Dancers and Events – Bethel High School

Friday, March 16th  

5:00 p.m.             Doors Open

5:20          Lighting the Cama-i Flame with Samuel Johns singing “Rise”

                        Welcome: Lumaq Louie Andrew ~ ONC Traditional Chief

5:30-6:00             Bethel Traditional Dancers

6:00-6:30             Kuskokwim Learning Academy Dancers

      6:30-7:00             Mike Stevens & Jeff Getty ~ Harmonica and Guitar  

7:00-7:30             Kotlik   Dancers

7:30-8:00             Pacific Bloom Dancers ~ Polynesian

      8:00-8:30            Running Thunder Dancers ~ Cree Indian, Canada                                                      

8:30-9:05             Kassiglurmiut Dancers

Cama-i 2018 Dedicated to: Elders of Kasigluk

         Kakgailnguq Kalila Slim, Asgill’aq Nellie Slim,

                                 Uqsungiarr Wassilie Berlin, Sr, Kaligtuq Wassillie Nicholas,

                                Nassaq’aq Alexy Nicholas, Uqillaq Pavilla Nicholas                                  

9:05-9:35             Nanda ~ Acrobaticalist                                                                                                     

9:35-10:05          Caputnguarmiut Yurartait, Chefornak

10:05-10:35        Acilquq Dancers

10:35-11:05        Underground Dance Company ~ Hip Hop                                           

11:10-11:40        Yurartet Singers and Dancers

11:40-11:50        BRHS Rifle Team

11:50-12:00        Samuel Johns ~ singing “Rise” and “Co-exist”


Saturday, March 17th

     11:30 a.m.           Doors Open

11:45                    William Wassilie, singer

11:55             Relighting the Flame   

12:00-12:35        Mikelnguut Elitnaurviat Kindergarten – 2nd grade

Cikigaq Stephanie Maxie

12:35-1:05          Pacific Bloom Dancers ~ Polynesian

1:05-1:45            Ayaprun Elitnaurvik K – 2nd

Paista Maurice Nanalook, Yuraq teacher

Ayaprun Loddie Jones & Canaar Sharon Alexie – K

Naniruar Carol Oulton – 1st                   

Qungucuar Kathy Cleveland & Maali-Tamara Trefon – 2nd                                       

1:45-2:10           Running Thunder Dancers ~ Cree Indian, Canada

2:10-2:50              Ayaprun Elitnaurvik 3rd – 6th                                                                         

Aiggailngraq- Norman Ayagalria -3rd Connie Tracy- 3/4

Arnaucuaq Madelene Reichard – 4th                                                                                                  

Nass’aq Carrie Lambert – 5th

Anman Melissa Gill – 6th

2:50-3:20          BRHS Warrior Dancers

3:20-3:50          Gladys Jung Crane Dancers


4:00                      * Native Foods Dinner starts for Elders at LKSD Office “Cafeteria”

5:00                      * Dinner starts for Dancers at LKSD Office “Cafeteria”

6:00-7:00             * Dinner served for the General Audience – til the food runs out


3:50-4:20          Upallret

4:20-4:45          Piniq Dancers

4:45-5:30          Delta Illusion Dance Company

5:30-5:55          Kuskokwim Learning Academy Dancers

5:55                   “Happy” Stretch and slide + pick up trash

6:00-6:30          Kuskokwim Campus Dancers

6:30-6:50          Fur Fashion Show ~ Agnes McIntyre, MC

6:50-7:20        Caputnguarmiut Yurartait, Chefornak

7:20-7:50          Mike Stevens and Jeff Getty ~ with Yup’ik friends

7:50                   Heart of the Drums

               “Cauyat Tupagtelarait Nauviput ~ Drums Awaken Our Roots      

8:10-                   Y-K Delta Memoriam – slide show

8:15-8:45        Underground Dance Company ~ Hip Hop

      8:45-9:15          Acilquq Dancers

9:15                     Miss Cama-i Contestants Introduced

9:30-10:00       Kotlik Dancers

10:00-10:30           Nanda ~ Acrobaticalist

10:30-11:00     Running Thunder Dancers ~ Cree Indian, Canada

11:00-11:15       Miss Cama-i Winners Announced

11:15-11:30     BRHS Rifle Team

11:30-12:00     Kassiglurmiut Dancers


Sunday, March 18th

12:30 p.m.        Doors Open – KYUK Films

12:55           Relighting the Flame                                                                 

                                 Kotlik, Crane & Chefornak Dancers Drum to Stage                     

1:00-1:10          Kotlik Dancers

1:10-1:30           Gladys Jung Crane Dancers

1:30-2:00              Caputnguarmiut Yurartait, Chefornak

2:00-2:30        Underground Dance Company ~ Hip Hop

      2:30-2:55        Kotlik Dancers

2:55-3:25         Kassiglurmiut Dancers, Kasigluk

3:25-3:55        Pacific Bloom Dancers ~ Polynesian

3:55-4:25          BRHS Warrior Dancers

4:25-4:55          Acilquq Dancers

4:55-5:25          Upallret                                                                                                        

5:25-6:10          Delta Illusion Dance Company

6:10-6:40          Bethel Traditional Dancers

6:40-                  Quyana Cakneq Cama-i Team

6:45-7:15          Nanda ~ Acrobaticalist
7:15-7:45          Kuskokwim Campus Dancers

7:45-8:10          Piniq Dancers

8:10-8:35          Running Thunder Dancers ~ Cree Indian, Canada

8:35 –           Closing: Yurartet Singers and Dancers

This schedule may change due to unforeseen events.

Camai 2017 is Here!

The weather is just GREAT to stop on up to the BRHS gymnasium and take in all that Cama-i has to offer! There is great entertainment, arts and crafts, and all of the friends you haven’t seen since last year! Come on up to Cama-i! Here’s a taste of what’s happening right now!

Delta Illusion Dance Company

We have watched many of these young ladies grow up on the Cama-i stage. They did a terrific job and it is really unbelievable that they get better each year! Congratulations Ladies! You’re hard work is paying off with great performances!